Road audits

Asfaltos Uribe through the road safety audits, diagnoses and recommends solutions to the problems that arise on the roads in with regard to safety. We detect possible inconsistencies and/or shortcomings in the design of all the elements used in a roadway, in order to contribute to the design and use of safer roads and therefore help to lower accident rates.

Our objective is to provide the infrastructures with suitable levels of Road Safety (throughout the different processes: preliminary studies, project, construction, commissioning and use), improving the conditions of road use, anticipating possible accidents, investigating their cause and proposing solutions for the problems found, always with consideration for the correct environmental management of the projects and the proposed measures.

Stages and phases
The logical process of the road safety audits starts with the analysis during the initial planning phase and the subsequent drawing up of the project of works for the road, in order to correct and improve the circumstances or conditions that directly or indirectly affect road safety during the design period.

If the audit is of a recently constructed section which did not receive a preliminary analysis during the planning and design phase, this is called a post-opening audit, and the objectives are directed towards the assessment of the existing design to see how the work is performing in real life.

Results and final report
All elements of the roadway are analysed in a road safety audit, with special attention given to:

  • Vertical and horizontal signalling
  • Signage
  • Beacon system
  • Restraint devices
  • Roadside Margins
  • Accesses
  • Lighting
  • Links and intersections
  • Surfaces
  • Crossings
  • Drainage
  • Tunnels
  • Escape lanes

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