Production plants

Zaratamo Plant

Asfaltos Uribe, S.A. supplies the product manufactured by Asfaltos y Hormigones AUBIDE, S.L. in its production plant located in Barrio Moyordin, nº 29, PC: 48480, Zaratamo, Vizcaya.

Asfaltos y Hormigones AUBIDE, S.A. has its own department for the design of bituminous mixes in order to meet customer requirements.

Likewise, the different types of bituminous mixes manufactured are certified according to European regulations: UNE EN 13.108/1, for hot bituminous mixes, UNE EN 13.108/2, fine bituminous mixes and UNE EN 13.108.7, porous bituminous mixes. The mixes are tested in accordance with 12.697 standards. The raw material used in the mixes has the corresponding CE marking of the product.

Asfaltos y Hormigones AUBIDE, S.L. is certified in ISO 9001: 2015, and has the CE marking of the product it supplies.

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