Asfaltos Uribe guarantees the availability of the necessary machinery and auxiliary resources as they have their own machinery pool and access to those of the machinery suppliers with whom they work in close collaboration, thereby achieving high levels of productivity and maximum efficiency and effectiveness with which to meet the needs of our customers.

In addition, thanks to a policy of preventive and corrective maintenance applied in our workshop by our own qualified personnel, our resources are always used efficiently.

With this basic objective, various lines have been adopted:

  • Investment in machinery.
  • Construction of the necessary installations for the maintenance of the machinery.
  • Monitoring and individualised preventive and corrective maintenance of the machinery by qualified personnel.

The same strategic line has permitted:

  • A wide range of heavy machinery and auxiliary resources in the pool.
  • A workshop measuring 1500 square metres with the necessary resources for maintenance and repair.
  • The human team responsible for the above work and logistics.
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