We are specialists in the production and laying of Mastic Asphalt Paving. The technical characteristics of the paving include its impermeability and water insolubility (it does not release contaminating substances), in addition to being warm to the touch.

At Asfaltos Uribe we manufacture and lay mastic asphalt for the following uses:

  • PEDESTRIAN PAVING  (Fronton courts, Pavements, Public squares, Garden paths, Cycle lanes, Tram platforms, Sports zones…)
  • INDUSTRIAL FLOORS (Interiors, Covered markets, Storage warehouses, Heavy industry warehouses, Unloading platforms, Exterior storage zone…)
  • FLAT ROOFS (Technical, Pedestrian use, Access for pedestrians and light vehicles, Access for heavy vehicles, Garden…)
  • NORMAL ROAD SURFACES FOR VEHICLES (Private roads for light traffic, Public roads for light traffic)
  • RAMPS (Pedestrian, light and heavy vehicles, Bridge decks)
  • VEHICLE GARAGE FLOORS (Light and heavy vehicles)

Some examples:

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